I am trying to Read the first row of an axcel file and store the fieldnames in an array.

I am doing all this in a class , and I am instantiating this class in main ASP page, where I am calling the public method
Here Is the code:
Class ExcelReader
    'Delcare Excel Application Object,   
    Private xlApp
    Private xlWorkbk
    Public intCol
    Public fieldName(50)
    Public Strrow
    Public Sub ColumnInfo(FileName)
		On Error Resume Next
		'Create Excel Application Object
		Dim strFilename
		strFileName = "C:\temp\" & cStr(FileName)
		Set xlApp = Server.CreateObject("Excel.Application")
		Set xlWorkbk = xlApp.Workbooks.Open(strFileName)
		'Retrive the fieldnames in First row into Array
		Dim intRow 
		Dim ArrayIndex 
		intRow = 1
		intCol = 1
		ArrayIndex = 1
		Strrow = "Names of fields"
		While (cStr(xlApp.Worksheets("tblScholarYear").Cells.Item(1, intCol).Value) <> "")

                                   ' I am getting error at the below line
		    fieldName(ArrayIndex) = cStr(xlApp.Worksheets("tblScholarYear").Cells.Item(1, intCol).Value)
		    Strrow = Strrow & "   " & cStr(fieldName(ArrayIndex))
		    'Strrow = strrow & "   " & cStr(xlApp.WorkSheets("tblScholars").Cells.Item(1, intCol).Value)
		    intCol = intCol + 1
		    ArrayIndex = ArrayIndex + 1
		'Clean up the Excel Application Object
		Set xlWorkbk = Nothing
		Set xlApp = Nothing
    End Sub
End Class
I am getting error when I am trying to assign the cell value to the array.

Can any body help me with this, Please.