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    Angry Unanswered: Updating two fields

    I have a problem. I have a field that uses a POPUP list of "names". What I want to do is as soon as data is entered or selected in this field, then I want to do a check and update data in another field in the same database.

    Eg: I have FieldA and FieldB

    As soon as data is entered in FieldA or it is selected using the List, then I want an If statement and depending on the result, update FieldB

    What I have done is put a button on top of FieldA. When I click on FieldA it actually clicks on that button and runs a script. The problem is that The script does not wait for me to enter data in FieldA. It does the check and updates FieldB. What I need is that the Script should let me enter data in FieldA AND THEN do the check.

    Please help as I am new to FileMaker.


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    I'd use a script, running fom an 'Update' button

    Allow User Abort [Off]
    Set Error Capture [On]
    If[FieldA= '""]
    Exit Script
    Set Field["FieldB","FieldA"]
    End If
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