Hi! I am only an intermediate Access user and have been delving into some pretty unfamiliar terrirtory of late. However, I'm doing OK, EXCEPT that I have this issue I cannot seem to fix. Due to the complexity of the data I need to pull (complex because it has multiple variables and subvariables, if you will), the only way I can properly do what I need to do (to automate retrieval of the info for others), I have created a report with a subreport. Each report - run independently - works just fine. Both my "main" report and my subreport have underlying queries with parameters. No matter what I do, though, when I put the two TOGETHER in a report (yes, they are linked, as they need to be in order for my data to display properly and match up with the correct records), the second set of parameters (those associated with the subreport) "loops" again and again...and again when I attempt to run the report. I tried taking the parameters out of the underlying query and then linking the "appropriate" child and master fields, hoping (foolishly?) that this would act as a sort of "filter on the fly" or "query on the fly," as it were, but that does not seem to work either. It does resolve the problem of the excessive parameter prompts, but it does not produce accurate results.

I've tried rebuilding the report, etc. but this same thing always happens. I've also tried using other reports, but it's whenever there is an underlying query with paramaters that it will not work. I have no choice but to have these parameters in place.

I am fairly technical, but I am NOT a programmer, therefore using Visual Basic or any of those things is not where I'm at ability-wise, unless you spell it out for me. If it's the ONLY way to overcome this, then I guess it will be time for me to learn, but if you can limit your answers to something a bit less complex it would be appreciated

THANK YOU for any assistance you can lend. I found a promising response on another board, but the user with a similar problem had an important question the responder forgot to explain and that was the end of the string! :-(

I look forward to any responses you guys might have. Sorry for the newbie approach to my question.