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    Question Unanswered: Chinese characters in the database

    hi all!

    My database contains simplified chinese chars. when i view table contents via Enterprise Manager -> open table, all data is ok.

    now i have to display it via ASP scripts. and there everything gets screwd up. i get ? marks instead of the chinese chars.

    any idea?

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    check if chinese is installed on u'r m/c and what are u'r default settings ,
    check the locale settings of the machine.

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    In your ASP pages, you need to check your codec

    I'm not sure if this is u'r case, but maybe u could try this asp code in your asp script

    Depends on your Chinese Char Type either
    Response.CodePage = 936
    Response.CharSet = "GB2312"
    Response.CodePage = 950
    Response.CharSet = "big5"
    Then the data u select out from your MS SQL Database should be able to be viewed, and proceed with normal coding.

    If this happens to be related to u'r problem, u might want to search the net to know more about this "codepage" and "charset" attributtes.

    Hope this helps.
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