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    Unanswered: Ora-27100: Shared Memory realm already exists

    I installed Oracle 817 Enterprise edition software without creating a database. After that I restored the control files, data files, redo log files, and the parameter file of the production database from a backup tape. I do not want to issue CREATE DATABASE command as this would overwrite the content of the data files.

    Hence, I used ORADIM to create the same Oracle instance as in the production server, specifying the parameter file that was restored from tape. The instance was created successfully.

    I also set the environment variable ORACLE_SID to the create oracle instance.

    But I receive the "Shared Memory realm already exists" error each time trying starting the instance, and the "ORACLE not available" each time I try shutting the database down.

    How do I start the instance and open the database?


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    Windows or Unix?

    Set your ORACLE_SID parameter.
    from host, log in as sysdba

    sqlplus /nolog

    connect / as sysdba

    from there you can try to figure out what is going on or get more information. Normally, when oracle creates an instance, it starts up the instance for you.
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