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    Unanswered: sum a group of records within a field on a form

    How do I add a sum to a selection of items within the same field on a form.

    Let me explain:-

    I have a product field and a quantity field

    This is how they currently appear o my form

    Product Qty
    A 10
    B 20
    C 10
    A 30
    A 50
    B 10

    I have a number of products and I need to show the total of each product.

    This is how I want them to appear.

    Product Qty
    A 90
    B 30
    C 10

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    Table Name: ProductsInfo(Product, Qty)

    Select ProductsInfo.Product, Sum(ProductsInfo.Qty) as TotalofProduct
    From ProductsInfo
    Group By ProductsInfo.Product;
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