Hi, All!

I'm not asking for anyone to do my work. I'm asking only to be pointed in the right direction.

A quick question:

In your humble opinion, what do you think the instructor is asking from the following. The more I read it and think about it, the more I'm not sure. My tutee isn't sure either!

I have already created the table and data entry form and showed them to my tutee. She likes them.

Here it is:


Create a menu driven database application which will contain the following parts:

1.) Table(s) to hold special event data 'already done
2.) Form(s) to enter special event data 'already done
3.) Macro(s) to run menu navigation

The application will use VB to determine if an event is ready to be triggered to the user. Once the event is displayhed the user will have the opportunity to print the event, release the event, or "SNOOZE" the event for another time.

My thoughts:

When Access is started a form will pop up and say that you have an event scheduled for today. On the form will be command buttons to print the event, cancel the event, or "SNOOZE" the event for another time (i.e. a weekly appointment that you don't want to go that week).

What do you think??? I would really appreciate some answers.

Thanks in advance,