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    Question Unanswered: How can I create thumbnail image files?

    Is there a plug-in that can create thumbnail images from full size ones?

    Current Scenario:
    I'm using the Troi File plug-in 2.6 for moving and linking image files to FileMaker. The current setup allows users to click a button in FMP which shows a file-open dialog, where they select an image. Once they select the image (which is usually on a local drive), the plug-in moves the image to a file server. Once the image is on the file server, the plug-in creates a reference to the image in a container field. At this point, all users on the network can view the image in the container field, which is only stored as a reference.

    My Goal:
    The users are going to start inserting extremely large images (~5 MB each). There is a portal they use to quickly view the images for a record. If they want more detail, they click the image to open it in an image viewer program. Currently the images are small so the portal is fast. However, once they start using 5MB images, the portal will slow to a crawl.

    I'd like to update the process so that when images are copied to the file server, a second thumbnail file is created as well. The portal would show the thumbnails, and clicking on it would show the full size image in an external app. There will be many images, so I can't store the thumbnail itself in FileMaker, just a reference to a thumbnail on the file system.

    My Plea for Help:
    How can I do this? Does anybody know of a plug-in that will do this? I haven't figured out a way to do this with the Troi File plug-in, but I suspect there may be a way I just haven't found yet. Any ideas would be great. Sorry for the lengthy post


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    Re: How can I create thumbnail image files?

    Originally posted by marianopeterson
    Any ideas would be great.
    Hi! I haven't used many plug-ins (incl troi) but maybe you can settle for a less-than perfect solution by not creating the thumbnail right away... either track the image as NOTHUMB and make the thumbs later outside FMP or put all new images in a temp location and use Photoshop/iPhoto to batch process thumbs for you and then somehow move images/thumbs to their final destinations. Automation would require some kind of OS scripting, I imagine.

    This is not really a good answer but maybe it will lead to something better? Maybe you could just have your users make the thumbs for you first. Maybe there's a utility out there they could use before uploading the image.

    Good luck!

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    Have you tried the Troi graphic plug-in?

    I've used it with great success on standalone databases, Id imagine with some cunning scripting you could get it to process images via a script link on the website.

    There is a free trial available to download so definitely worth exploring.

    Another angle would be to incorporate PHP, resizing and outputting images can be done with a few simple lines of code.

    All the best

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    Anything Free

    Does anyone know of a free way to do this?

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    Re: Anything Free

    Go to Filemaker forums and check in the sample files forum for thumbnails

    Originally posted by sphbecker
    Does anyone know of a free way to do this?
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    thumbnails via Linux

    I actually make thumbnails using djpeg under linux. The Linux boxen has a share mapped via Samba (Windows File Share Daemon) on the FileServer. There is a script which watches the \\fileServer\WorkShare\toThumb directory and when is finds a *.jpg or *.JPG, it strips the .jpg off the end, and assigns the name to $filename it copies it to the local "/tmp/$filename".jpg, moves the original from \toThumbs to \toThumbsOriginal. Then djpeg's the local copy to specified width ( IE: 240 pixels) and 80% compression and names the file to ${filename}_t.jpg and copies it back to \\fileServer\WorkShare\toThumbsThumb. This Linux script is always running with a sleep 1, to throttle it. crontab has a to make sure it and other daemons are always running.

    Filemaker waits doing a sit and spin using fileToolbox fileexist in a do loop which exits after 5 minutes on error condition. When it sees the Thumbnail it takes the original and thumbnail and sticks them into a container. Web previews then use the small fast thumbnail.
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    Re: thumbnails

    There are only about a thousand ways to approach this problem. First of all I don't think that Troi Graphic is the best Troi product for the job, look at Troi File. I own the develoeprs version and it works great. ExportFM will also preform this taks, as does a plug-in called InsideScan. I have used the above plug-ins. I suspect I could find others if I looked.

    In my experiance all these plug-ins require QuickTIme to be installed.

    Another approach is to use a Photoshop/Imaeready droplet to automatically resize, optimize, and convert image filetypes. There are also a number of freebie 'apps' that will watch a folder for you; however, these run as a service all the time and typically waste processor cycles versus the plug-in approach.

    My third and last idea is that you could have me create a solution to do this for you. My developer's lisence of Troi File permits me to include Troi File with solutions that I develop, but they do not permit me to give away solutions which include there plug-in.



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