I am trying to find out how to tell SQL Server that my application is in UTF-8 character set.
In Oracle, there is NLS_LANG variable. You set it to language_territory.characterset.
In DB2, there is DB2CODEPAGE, which you set to 1208, UTF-8 code page.
In Teradata ODBC driver, you add CharacterSet=UTF8 in odbc.ini file.

I found out the application will use ansi code page (ACP) of a client. ACP can be changed using Regional Settings in Control Panel. Code Page for UTF-8 is 65001, but since it's pseudo code page, there are no nls files for it, so it can't be set through Control Panel or registry.

Our application is written in UTF8, and is using ODBC to connect to the database. Database can be using any characterset (Chinese, French, Korean...)

Any idea how to tell SQL Server that my data is coming in UTF8 and that I am expecting data from the database in UTF8 character set?