Hi !

I am running a Windows 2000P SP4 system, and am migrating all my apps over to this new workstation from my old W2000P system.

I am having problems migrating one of my old apps (O'Reilly and Associates Webboard V2.0bXL) from my old system. Webboard is a 32-bit .EXE (I believe a compiled VB app) that accesses an ACCESS 2.0-created DB. When I install Webboard as an app or service, and attempt to run it on my new system, I get an error on startup:

"Webboard was unable to open its database (out of memory error)".

This is a proprietary error message, but I believe that it maps to an MSJET error (I think).

I have attempted to "convert" the DB to Access 2000, but to no avail.

I have 1GB of RAM, so memory is definitely not the issue. Does anyone have any clues or suggestions to remedy this problem ? The app has run fine on my old W2000P system prior.

Thanks in advance,