I am learning to use RealBasic and PostgreSQL together and was wondering if anyone else uses PostgreSQL and RealBasic together? if so, then i'm hoping we can help each other out.

my current problem is trying to figure out how to pass values btwn Postgresql data and Realbasic.

i want to compare a list of file names from the server and client(s).

i assume the server would store the filenames in a Postgresql table and the client would send it's list of file names to be compared to the server. is it better for the client to send the list of filenames by postgresql or by FTP transfer of a flat file text file? (since the client isn't sending many files would it still be better to send them by postgresql? how would i do this have the client do an 'insert' sql command the filenames into a column that would be used to compare the server file name column?

server recieves client's list of filenames and compares them to it's own.

when the server has filenames that the client doesn't have i want the client to be able to download them.

from what i hear PostgreSQL is not good at file transfers if the files are large, (10+mb) and requires approx. 3 times the ram of the actual file.

any ideas on how i might do this?

thanks again.