My problem looks like is quite common though the source of the problem varies.

I have a Sybase 12.5 database on Windows XP. The client is a web application which has embedded SQL queries. The client is basically a reporting application and is wrtten in DynaScript (powerdynamo).

When ever I start generating reports repeatedly, the application slows down. And after sometime, stops responding totally!!! Also, the inetinfo shows close to 100 % utilisation.

I have read that inetinfo can go for a toss if
1> Memory leaks
2> Infinite loops

Is there a way to debug powerdynamo?? Or are there other methods using which I can find out what is going wrong?

I somehow cannot beleive that the inetinfo could go for a toss because of infinite loops in the program simply because then it should never throw any results. But it does give results!

Please advice