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    Question Unanswered: Can I use MS Access?

    I need to design a system that will capture about 4000 records
    everyday, with 10 concurrent users. For the result analysis,
    I need to join 8 to 10 tables.

    Is it recommendable to use MS Access for the application, let
    say in MS Win2K Adv Server? Any limitation with Access, in
    term of concurrency, database size and performance issues
    that I need to consider?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    4,000 records a day is 4,000 times a client will pull more-or-less the whole backend .mdb from the server and 4,000 times it will send it back again with a new record. a backend .mdb does ZERO processing: all the smarts are at the client.

    i have a 20,000 record backend .mdb with a complex table structure sitting on 800MHz NT4 file server via 100Mb/s switches. there is almost nothing else eating network bandwidth. three clients feed max 80 new records/day (20,000 records is three years data so average is thirty-something new records/day). performance is perfectly acceptable, but i'm slowly inching towards a mySQL backend for the new version.

    you are proposing 50 times the transaction rate: your backend will reach my record count in the first week!

    i guess your users run the risk of being disappointed after a few weeks, and your network people will worry where their bandwidth went.

    simplest is to try it with a dummy 100,000 record file (6 months for you) on a single client. it can't get better with 10 clients!!


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