We distribute our custom made Access programs simply as a copy of an mde-database that is available on the network of our firm.
A small "installation procedure" allows our clients to simply select an application by pressing a button. The code behind this button will then copy the available mde to the clients own C-drive and will also copy an available shortcut to his Profile so that he/she always has an easy startup icon.

Since more than a year and with over 200 installations of different programs, we had no problems.......untill recently.

1 client always gets problems while installing an application of ours. The application itself is copied nicely, as is the shortcut to it. The only trouble is that the shortcut don't work. It seems to target my own C-drive instead of the clients c-drive. When the client tries to use the copied shortcut, he gets the message :
"Incorrect password or unknown username for WBIZ055\C$" which is referring to my C-drive (my PC is known as WBIZ055) This is the same error you get while trying to connect to a drive on the network with an incorrect username.
When we look at the properties of the shortcut on the client side, it has as target "C:\MyDir\MyApp.mde" what is exactly what it should have as target. It only does not work.
When we re-enter the target in the shortcut, the problem is solved.

Does anyone have any idea what is causing this strange behaviour?
Or is there another possibility to create automatically a shortcut? Some VB-code about this would be nice....