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    Unhappy Unanswered: front end, back end, heaven help me!


    First off, I'm new to large scale db's so if I seem like I don't know what I'm talking about... it's probably cuz I don't!

    okay, I have this program that runs through an access 97 db. The back end is store on one of our networked pc's which also have the front end as do 4 other pcs on the network.
    Everything worked fine last week, but when I came in on Monday morning there was an error popup when clicking on one of the buttons in the program:

    "Production Program can't find the object 'formmater'"

    Okay, this error was seen on everyone's pc when they entered the program.

    'formmater' is a table I found in the backend, but it isn't present in any of the frontend's. When I tried to import it into the frontend, it showed up in the table list in the frontend tables but when I exited the program it disappeared. Before exiting the program, I also tried hitting the same button again but this time the error "Production Program can't find the object 'materialnew'", which is another table in the backend but not on any of the front ends.

    This whole frontend/backend thing really confuses me can anyone explain?

    Anyhoo... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    BTW, this 'formmater' error doesn't appear to be affecting the operation of the program but I can't be sure... either way I'd like to get rid of it!

    Thanks in advance!!!


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    Re: front end, back end, heaven help me!

    First, delete all linked tables in your mdb (anything with an arrow next to it). The do file >> get external data >> link >> when you select your back-end mdb here make sure that you get the full url (\\computername\shareddirectory) not a mapped drive. The error you described usually happens when the tables get linked by referencing a mapped drive. The user reboots, the drive gets unmapped, and poof - no more backend.

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