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    Unanswered: Changing SQL Account and Password

    Hello, about 3 weeks ago I went about changing the service startup account and password for the 2 SQL Service Accounts (MSSQL & SQLAgent) using the Service applet instead of the Enterprise Manager. I made a mistake in that I forgot to ensure 2 rights (Replace a Process Level Token & Lock Pages in Memory) when I made the change but the services were still able to startup and they ran for about 1 week. I have since changed the service startup account the proper way by dropping the account and adding it again via Enterprise Manager. I checked and all the rights, etc. that Microsoft requires are there. Lately our SQL 2000 Cluster has been acting up during peak periods (the CPU goes to 100%) and our site stops responding. This did not happen that much prior to this change. My question is: is there anyway what I did initially could've caused damage to my SQL cluster? Any way to fix it? thanks for any help.

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    i don't think cpu spiking is directly (or indirectly) related to changes you made.

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