Please help!

I have only seen postings that list people having a similar problem to mine. I am trying to import all the data from a companies Timberline Financial database into Access. The twist on this is that it is over a VPN connection.

I get the error stating that the Timberline ODBC is not activated.
Description: [Timberline][ODBC Driver][DLL]ODBC Driver not activated for
this application [TS 3271]
Source:Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers

I am fairly sure the problem is that I am connecting via VPN to another network segment, and then using terminal server to connect to the box that hosts the Timberline data. The user in the office I am at runs Timberline to do payroll and such only when she is logged in to the server remotely. I was hoping that there would be a way to create the DSN on the local PC, and while connected via VPN, to import the data into Access. Any suggestions? Thank you