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    Unanswered: Starting Oracle Management Server

    I have recently installed Orcale 9I to attempt to read a .DMP file. Every time I try to run an import, i get the following message:

    This wizard can only be launched when the application is connected to the oracle management server (OMS). Launch the application and connect to the OMS vefore trying to launch the wizard again.

    Question is how to start or configure?

    Thanks in Advance,


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    there are two possible ways.
    Either install the management server or use the command line interface for the import.
    If you created the database just to do the import, you might not need the management server, so just use the command line interface.
    Go to a shell or dos prompt and use exp.
    If you are not familiar with this, try to type :
    exp help=y

    or post your questions back here.

    hope this helps
    Edwin van Hattem
    OCP DBA / System analyst

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