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    Unanswered: GoToRecord from subform

    I have a main form Contacts.
    In that main form I have a subform Tasks (based on a Query, continuous form).
    The main form and subform both have the text box ContactID.
    I want to use a button in subform Tasks to go to a record in main form Contacts based on the ContactID field.
    I have tried a macro with GoToRecord command. Problem is that the record number and the ContactID number are different. So, for example: it takes the ContactID no 123 and jumps to a record no 123, which ContactID is 321.

    How can I make it go from subform to a main form using ContactID?

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    Set the offset in the gotorecord in the macro to go to the [Seltop] property of the subform. Though I found that the macro has to be called by the subform and not the parent as it does not work (I am using Access 97).

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