Dear All,
Iam Using ASE ESD #3 on Sun Solaris 5.8

I have a db D1 on server S1.
And a db D2 on server S2.

I dumped and loaded a database dump from D1 to D2.

After this, I can carry on dumping and loading log dumps from D1 to
Without caring about "no chkpt on recovery". (It is false on both D1
and D2).
Even if I restart the S2 server.

The manual says the following :

If this option is set to false (off),the default
checkpoint record is
added to the database after it is recovered by restarting Adaptive
Server. This checkpoint, ... , changes the sequence number of the
database. If the sequence number of the secondary database has been
changed, a subsequent dump of the transaction log from the primary
database cannot be loaded into it.

Now, I restarted the 2nd server and apparently no sequence number was
modified as I could still continue to load the dumps from the primary

It seems things work fine even if we do not have this option set to

What do you all think is the use of this option.

Thanks in advance