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    Unanswered: logicals logs


    i'm new to informix and just installed ids 9.21 on a windows 2000 machine.

    i'm suffering with that logicals logs files and i would like to know if i will have problems with these logical logs.

    i have set 50 files of 10Mo each.
    i backup them with ontape.

    my problem is that i cant see any Free files :
    c05d448 18 U-B---- 368 10a8ff 2500 2500 100.00
    c05d464 19 U-B---- 369 10b2c3 2500 2500 100.00
    c05d480 20 U-B---- 370 10bc87 2500 2500 100.00
    c05d49c 21 U-B---- 371 10c64b 2500 1883 75.32
    c05d4b8 22 U---C-L 372 10d00f 2500 6 0.24
    c05d4d4 23 U-B---- 323 10d9d3 2500 2500 100.00
    c05d4f0 24 U-B---- 324 10e397 2500 2500 100.00
    c05d50c 25 U-B---- 325 10ed5b 2500 2500 100.00
    c05d528 26 U-B---- 326 10f71f 2500 2500 100.00

    all seems to works corectly but why the unique ID for each file still grow ?
    I just tried to simulate a production mode and all logical logs are full every 10 minutes, lol.
    So if it continues like that, in one year that unique id will be very high.
    I can perform a full lvl 0 backup each night so i think i will disable all logs but if someone can tell me anyway if it is normal that the uniq ID always grow ?

    other thing strange : i want to make a dbspace of about 150 or 200Go, but it seems to be limited to 2Go for each chunks, so i have to make manually 100 chunks of 2Go ? grrrrr !!!


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    There are no free files in logical logs. They are cyclic. Once the logical log has a 'B' flag, it can be overwritten. You can see th esize in pages (for w2K pagesize is 4k) and the percentage used per logical log.

    Yes, it is normal that th eunique id skeeps on growing. IDS needs this to allocate the correct backed up log.

    In case your logs fill up very quickly - you should make them a lot bigger than 10MB...

    About the 2GB chunk limit - that is correct up to version 9.30. 9.40 (the latest release) has a chun klimit of 4TB and an instance limit of 128 Petabytes.

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