I have problem with collections method to decompose xml dokument.

In command line I write:
db2 CALL db2xml.dxxShredXML(db2xml.XMLCLOBFromFile 'c:/test/2/karta_xcollection.dad'),db2xml.XMLCLOBFromFile('c:/test/2/rozpoznanie.xml'),?,?)

and this work ok but in php script i have problem
I make query:

$query = "CALL db2xml.dxxShredXML(db2xml.XMLCLOBFromFile('c://test//2//karta_xcollection.dad'),db2xml.XMLCLOBFromFile('c://test//2//rozpoznanie.xml'),?,?)";

and run

$result_prep = odbc_prepare($dbconn,$query);
$par = array("$returncode","$returnmsg");
$result = odbc_execute($result_prep, $par);

if ($result == 0) {
$sqlerror = odbc_errormsg($dbconn);
else {

no errors and nothing happend , no data in database.
What is wrong? How I can write script to make decomposig xml document into database in PHP. HELP
p.s. sorry but my english is not very well