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    Unanswered: How to use db2uext2 to archive logs to TSM

    We have DB2 8.1 running on AIX 5.1 and TSM 5.1.7. We are trying to backup the databases to TSM. We edited the db2uext2.ctsm and only changed the AUDIT_ERROR_PATH to /tmp/ and compiled and placed the db2uext2 file under /home/db2inst1/sqllib/bin .

    LOGRETAIN and USEREXIT is enabled

    Log retain for recovery enabled (LOGRETAIN) = RECOVERY
    User exit for logging enabled (USEREXIT) = ON

    DB2 backup DB <name> use TSM backups the database but not the logs.

    db2adutl query does not report any log backups

    Retrieving LOG ARCHIVE information.
    No LOG ARCHIVE images found for PRDTEST

    ANy idea how to backup the logs to TSM ?


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    Usually there is an error in db2diag.log whenever a log switch takes place and there is an error. There is an error message in audit_error_path. Likely you did not set DSMI_CONFIG and DSMI_DIR in the instance owner ENV when you 'dbstart'ed the instance. Either you do that or set the DSMI_ parameters in db2uext2 c program.

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    I do not know much about TSM but the backup database command does not backup archive logs - archive logs are backed up depending on what you have set in the db cfg. For instance, if the logfilsiz is 10MB and softmax is 100 then after one 10m log fills up, db2 will automatically archive the log. If you wish to force an archive, you can issue the command

    archive log for database <dbname> ... - look up the options with db2"? archive"

    Hope this helps.

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    Our systems are setup for the user exit to copy the logs from the log directory to another directory, then we have it kick off a job to back them up to tsm from that 2nd directory. We then restore them as needed from tsm. The job that backs them up is run at certain intervals which you'll need to decide by looking at how many logs you create, to make sure you don't fill up the directory

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    I am wondering if you ever discovered a solution for this problem. I am an AIX administrator who is working with our DB2 DBA to solve a problem with the same symptons.

    The only difference, that you may have tried, is that as root I can view the logs, but as the instance owner I get the same message you get. There is some sort of access permissions for db2adutl but I am not sure how to set them.

    If anyone has a hint or suggestion for this please let me know.

    AIX 5.2
    DB2 v8.1 64bit
    TSM 5.1.5


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