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    Unanswered: user account access to DB2 need help

    I created several new user logon accounts to our DB2 UDB 7.2 EEE instance on AIX 5.2L. However after using Control Center and adding the new AIX user accounts to DB2, I cannot get each user account to connect to the database. How do I resolve this issue?

    telnet db2db
    login: johnsmith

    $johnsmith> db2 connect to database

    ksh: db2: not found.



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    Please Check the profile and set PATH db2 bin like /xxx/sqllib/bin.
    or add the db2profile to the profile file !

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    set up users to execute db2profile in their .profile file. db2profile is located under $insthome/sqllib. .profile is located in the home dir for users.

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