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    Unanswered: any rows in recordset

    PHP Code:
    $strSQL "select * from [post_received] where requestNumber='$D1'";
    what do i use to check to see if any values were returned? Everything i've tried so far hasn't worked.

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    If your ODBC driver supports it, you can do:
    $numrows = odbc_num_rows($rsD1);

    However, many ODBC drivers do not return information for how many rows were in the recordset. Thus, although PHP supports it, many ODBC drivers will return -1;

    I'm not sure what drivers do and don't support this. I definitely know that the Microsoft JET driver does not.

    As an alternate, you can do an SQL COUNT() on your data.
    Such as:
    $strSQL = "SELECT COUNT(requestNumber) as theCount FROM [post_received] WHERE requestNumber = '$D1'";
    $rsCount = odbc_exec($conn, $strSQL);
    $rsD1Count = (int)odbc_result($rsCount, 'theCount');

    from there do a if($rsD1Count > 0) {}

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