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    Question Unanswered: Question 'bout Paradox. Help me!!!

    I've just downloaded a website which uses a database file with extension name is .db . After refering some files that perform connection functions, I found that it use Paradox database. I don't even know anything 'bout Paradox.

    Now I'm using SQL Server. Anyone can tell me what to do to import the .db (Paradox) file into SQL Server database. Are there any special steps to implement with Paradox??? If possible, give me some knowledge about Paradox Database.

    Thank you in advance!!! ;-)

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    If you've got the standard MS ODBC drivers and the Jet engine, you can surely use JET with MSParadox ODBC drivers to access the table, but that would have problems if the table it's in Pdox5+ file format version.

    If you tell me where you've downloaded the file, or send it to me (if it's not confidential data) i can convert it to comma delimited format for you, and send it back to you.

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    For your purposes, "a Paradox file is just another format for a database table."
    Depending on the tool you're using, you might find that you already have an ODBC driver that will understand this file-format. It's fairly unlikely that you'll need to have Paradox itself or to know too much about it. If a driver's available, you can "import" data from the table and (say in MS-Access) you can also "attach" it.
    It is VERY important to be aware that ALL of the files with a particular filename, in the same directory, TAKEN TOGETHER, constitute "a table." For example, a Customer table might consist of: CUSTOMER.DB, CUSTOMER.PX, CUSTOMER.XG5, CUSTOMER.FAM... All of these files, taken together, must be together.
    If Paradox IS available, also bear in mind that it can be used to "export" the data into some other format that might be more convenient for you, e.g. dBase. Depends on what you're doing.
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