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    Unanswered: Date calculations

    I have created a small database. In it there is a table with among other things a date field, for a number of people. From this I have a form where their is a filed dateco read from the table, and an unbound box with the following control source

    This gives me a projected date 6 months in advance.

    Is it possible to pass this date back to a new line in the table and if so how ?

    I have tried to write a query to give me a list at a point 1 month before the 6 month projected point using the following criteria applied to the dateco field in the query.

    Between Date() And DateAdd("m",-1,Date())

    I was hoping this would give me a warning 1 Month from the current date as to the expiry of the 6 month period.

    This doesnt appear to work very well. Has anyone any ideas please

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    Insert Record

    You should create a new field in the related table that will take the value you want. Next on the afterupdate event of the dateco you will set the value of the other field (DateAdd.....).

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    Many thanks think Ive got it sorted now.

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