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    Unanswered: Automation of query to compare two tables of data..

    Sorry guys, I'm a new programmer.. i am really new... Please bear with me, i know i'm gonna irritate u guys soon but i dun mean to!

    I have a table in Access97. Let's call this Orange Table . It contains of data i want to compare with soon-to-be access table data.

    I'm going to extract a list of component numbers from a program-SAP. And i have a lot of lists of component numbers from this program that i need to extract. So i need a automated program to compare data and output difference.
    Then from there, i'll go to access97 and "Get External Data" from the list of component numbers i extracted. Let's call this Red Table .

    From Orange Table of data, i'll need to compare them with Red Table , then output missing component numbers that Red Table has.
    EG: If Red Table got component number 514784-00 and Orange Table doesn't have, then i'll need to output the component number out[in any form]. However, if Orange Table has 154879-00 while Red Table doesn't have, then dun need to output them!

    How to go about designing the "Union Query" for automation of such comparing of datas just between two tables... That's all.. Please help me...
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    NOT IN

    WHERE component_number NOT IN
    (SELECT component_number FROM ORANGE_TABLE)

    with this youll get all the info From Red hat isnt in Orange

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