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    Design Issue : prospects

    hi all

    help me if you can.

    Description :
    My current Access DB also have a customer Table that i keep track of customers who have bought something from us.

    We also invite prospects to our marketing events. Currently the prospects list are stored in Excel spreadsheets.

    Now i would like to keep the prospects in my Access table.

    should i have a seperate Prospects table or integrated teh prospects list into my Customer table and have a status field to keep track whether it is a "CUSTOMER" or "PROSPECTS"?

    if i have a seperate Prospects and Customer table, what is the bets way to move the prospects records from the Prospects table to the Customer table when they bought something?


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    Re: Design Issue : prospects

    Sounds like you just want one table, then you won't need to move the records about. You could have views called CUSTOMER and PROSPECT to pull out just one or the other type when needed.

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