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    Unanswered: Query for time and date calculations.

    Write an expression to show dates when product manufactory times start at 6:00pm or greater than on 09/01/03 and ends before 5:59 pm on 09/02/03.Using a parameter I would enter 09/01/03 but it will show both days because of my range of times listed. When I run the query I only see what’s on 09/01/03. Let's use 6:00 pm or greater as the start date time and use 5:59 pm on the next date for the end time. Even if the product time rolls to midnight or starting over midnight it needs to reflect the date I entered.

    Can I have the results append into a new table with only the date I entered?
    Suggestions and examples would be appreciative. Thanks

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    And your problem is????

    When you construct your query you can do something like:

    "SELECT .... FROM ... WHERE ((MyDate>=#DateHere 6:00PM#) AND (MyDate<=#DateHere 5:59PM#));

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