Dear All:
I am trying to practice the backup/restore scenario . I use ontape to be my back/restore tool. The backup processs seem to be fine and then I've got 3 files(level 0,level 1 , level 2 backup without logical backup).

I try to restore my data from level 0 backup , so I issue a command like this :

ontape -r

But after some questions-and-answers , I got anothore prompt :

Please mount Tape 2 on /dev/tape...
Tape sequence is 1 , expecting 2 ...

Actually , I don't have a tape drive, the /dev/tape is a symbolic link to a file . I do my level 0 backup to a single file , so I really don't understand why it need tape 2 ? Does it mean I have to provide level 1 backup file as Tape
2 ?

Please shed some light for me to resolve this problem. Any
replying is really appreciated.