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    Thumbs up Unanswered: Db2 to Oracle Migration

    I am in the process of migrating datas from db2 to Oracle. the Datas
    include the datatype Char for bit Data and Varchar for Bit Data.
    I found from some Webpages that Raw(n) in Oracle is equivalent to
    Char(n) for Bit data and Varchar(n) for bit Data in Db2. But Raw(n)
    accepts only hex values. Can anyone suggest me an idea of how to
    download these bit datas and Upload it into raw(n) in Oracle?
    Is any Changes have to be considered in the application programs
    When these Bit datas are changed to raw(n)? Any help
    is highly appreciated.

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    Check the "Useful DB2 Stuff" thread for a link to a Oracle to DB2 Migration Guide that IBM publishes on their web site. If you still have specific questions, you might check the archives of this forum with the search funciton.

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