Hi we use replication between 2 sql server 2000 with service pack 3. It used to work fine but since we implimented protocol encryption on the servers the snapshot agent is failing. Each time i try to run the snapshot, it is failing (retries but still fails) with the following error:

The process could not bulk copy out of table '[dbo].[syncobj_0x3931303746443643]'.
General network error. Check your network documentation.
(Source: DATABASE (Data source); Error number: 11)

In the application event viewer I have this even also:

Event Type: Information
Event Category: Job Engine
Event ID: 203
Date: 9/29/2003
Time: 9:52:08 AM
User: N/A
Computer: GFIWEB
SubSystem Message - Job 'DATABASE-DATABASE_NEWS-DATABASE_NEWS-32' (0x2B2873CB67289748A418C1B602856503), step 2 - The process could not bulk copy out of table '[dbo].[syncobj_0x3143444230323841]'.

Any idea? Please not that without encryption protocol the snapshot agent runs the process succefully.