I made a removable database 'HISTO' with 2 filegroups last year.
The Primary file group contain all the system tables.
The second file group, the 'readonly' filegroup, contain all the data tables and indexes.
I certified the database as removable and wrote the 'readonly' filegroup on a CD.
I had tested the attach db with the 'reaonly' filegroup from the CD with no problem. All is fine.
Three month ago, i change the SQL server computer with a new one. New installation of Windows 2000 Server, SQL2000 and so on ...
Yesterday i try to reattach my old 'readonly' history fielgroup CD with the same procedure i had used last year and i have this problem

Server: Msg 5173, Level 16, State 2, Line 1
Cannot associate files with different databases.

It seams that the problem is the GUID of the new 'HISTO' database on the new computer.
There is a possibility to overide the GUID or something like that ?

Thank's for your answers