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    Angry Unanswered: Multiple page reports?

    I"ve created a report (legal page size) that has a word document in an unbound object frame for the front page and another for the back page. The problem is that Access limits the details section to 22" long and I have the front and back page that are legal size 14" times (2) for a total of 28" and simply won't fit. How can I print a report across more then (1) page. I know I can use the page break, but I'm still limited to 22" and it won't fit both pages. Help!


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    ive had the same problem many a time.
    to be honest the only not solution i came up with was fart arsing around with the embeded object until it fitted on one page and then starting a new object starting were the last finished to put on the next.
    not exactly a brilliant solution but the only one i could find
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    And another workaround might be reports (i.e. subreports) within reports.
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