Here is the setup

There are three Machines all running Access97 & XP Pro

\\readingtill1 \\redingback \\redingtill2

on a LAN

And four dbs


On startup readingtill1\till\till.mdb executes transferdatabase actions to IMPORT the tables tblclerks & tblclerktill from \\redingback\art\backend.mdb. The actions are preceded by deletes.
The imports execute without error.

Now \\redingback\art\frontend.mdb has a form bound to a query which is formed by a join on the tables tblclerks & tbl clerktill (linked from \\redingback\art\backend.mdb). This select query runs flawlessly until today.

I disconnected \\redingtill2 fron the network after it had executed its transferdatabase action. When I tried to run the query on \\redingback\art\frontend it took 3 minutes to run. (this is for tables with 18 and 10 records in them)
Re-connecting the \\redingtill2 db fixes the problem straight away.

Experimenting with different query designs,both the tblclerks and tbl clerktill tables worked fine when joined to other tables. It was only when joined to each other that the slowdown occured.

Does anyone have any ideas or experience of similar problems?
Any help gratefully received.