I'm trying to format particular cells in an office web component pivot table. There are 3 main things I am trying to achieve:
1. Make the column headings bold (not the field names on the x and y axis) I have tried:A. pview.FieldSets("ADDRESS1").Members.Field("Primary Address 1").DetailFont.Bold = True
B. pview.FieldSets("Company Name").DetailFont.Bold = True
C. pview.PropertyCaptionFont.Bold = True
and no luck

2. With in the pivot table data, make certain cells bold (for example). So I might be looking for all cells that have the word "Plus" in them. I want to make that cell bold. I know I need to do a loop, but am having trouble with it.

3. Make the entire pivot table bold.

4. Hide a column of the pivot table

I have tried many variations for all of the above and no luck!

I have office xp installed on my machine but I keep getting the OWC pivot table version 9.0.

Any help is very appreciated!!! I have been struggling with this since last week.