I want to force the users to change the linux ( RH 8 ) password regularly , I tried to use the command "chage", it has great problem , it don't allow two users or above to change password at the same time , it will hold at the below screen , my command is
# chage -d0 userid1
# chage -d0 userid2

But when userid1 is changing the password, then userid2 can't change
the password at the same time, the below is the error :
login: user2
You are required to change your password immediately (root enforced)

I also tried to use "passwd -e / -x " , all are not work to expire the
password and send the warning to the user .

we have about 200 users so it is a great problem of us , can suggest
what is the best way to force users to chnage password regularly? does
anyone has a script can do that ? thx.