I'm trying to construct an on-line request processing system using Access 2000 Data Access Pages. I want to open a new window, using window.open, and write a value to a textbox on the new window, from script in the original window.

I've been trying to adapt some code from a MS Technical document. It looks like this:

Dim newWin
Set newWin=window.open("FileName",null,"center:yes")

So far so good. That works. The new page opens. Then I hit problems. The sample code I'm copying is designed to set the sort order of the data set. It reads as follows:

Dim myDSC
Set myDCS=newWin.document.all.MSODSC

However, I dont want to sort the recordset, I want to put a value into a textbox called txtDiscountNumber which is on the new document. How the hell do I address the text objext to write to its .value property? I've been trying different variations for days now and I'm loosing the will to live.

Please, can anyone help?