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    Unanswered: OSQL inlog troubles


    I'am developing a batch or script file to execute at a dos prompt.
    Therefore I want to use a Windows NT user to logon to a MSSQL7 server.
    I use the command:
    OSQL -Scp6411nks99 -dTEST -UDOMAINX\userx
    Before this command I used the stored procedure:
    sp_grantlogin to grant the userx access to the SQL server
    sp_grantaccess to grant the userx acces to the database TEST

    But when I execute the OSQL command and enter the correct password I got a message: Login failed for user 'DOMAINX\userx'

    The server is in Mixed mode.
    When I log on to a workstation with the above mentioned account I can start ISQL and I can login without any problem and execute queries.

    What is the problem with the OSQL command.

    ThanX in regards,


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    Ini order to use a trusted connection, you have to use the -E switch. This will automatically pick up the name of the user that is running the batch, and use that as the username. Using the -U switch will attempt to use SQL authentication. Hope this helps.

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    This is the answer I was waiting for.

    It works.

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