Recently, I have discovered an incredibly great product for dumping/recovering MySQL databases. It dumps MySQL database(s) very rapidly and allows recovering any amount of databases as well. It is very powerful and robust software including a lot of useful features. I recommend it to everybody concerned in MySQL developments or just using MySQL. Very simple and comfortable user interface together with a great speed and reliability allows one to easily manage MySQL databases.

MySQL Snap allows doing the following features:

- dumping any amount of databases at the same time;
- choosing conditions (WHERE operator) for selected rows from any table and from any database;
- dumping a collection of selective (necessary) tables from any databases;
- realization of additional keys for forming dump file;
- recovering the database or a collection of databases from files, compatible with MySQL Snap (gotten while dumping) or mysqldump format;
- saving and using connection and keys settings;
- friendly user interface;
- help system;
- other features.

You may download it at

If you want to find out more about it please refer to their website where you can read all the advantages of the product: