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    Unanswered: RDO Connection through VB


    I am using VB to connect to the database and I am using RDO (Remote Data Objects) for this connectivity.

    For security reasons, I am using the userid and password retrieved from a different database to establish the connection to the production server. The password we retrieve is encrypted and the connection program decrypts that and connects.

    All is fine so far. But after I connect to the database, in the VB project, in the debug mode, I can see the connection string by accessing the property RdoConnection.Connect.

    Is there a way, by which, I could establish the rdoconnection and immediately after that, change the 'Connect' property of that to something else, so that it does not have the actual connection information?

    Thanks in advance

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    I don't think so. When you change the connect property, I think you will lose the connection.

    You could make the class that holds the RDO object private so that it is not remotely accessible. You should also make the RDO object private to the class, and provide write-only access to the connection string by creating a Let property with no Get property.

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