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    Unanswered: Combining data from multiple tables

    Hi all

    I have two tables in Access. Table #1 has First Name, Last Name, and Telephone Number fields. Table #2 has Telephone Number, Address, and footage from a point fields. With the common field being the Telephone Number, how do I create a query or report that looks at both tables and if Telephone Numbers match from the tables, the data from fields in Table #1 and Table #2 are combined into one row of data in another table, query, or report? (Example. Telephone Number, First Name, Last Name, Address, Footage.) Thanks for your help.

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    open a new query in design view.
    add the two tables you are working with into the top window.
    select tel number in table 1 and drag it accress to table 2. a line will appear between them.
    add all the info you want as normal.

    this query will then return the rows both tables where the tel numbers are the same.

    if you want all the rows from one table and only the matching ones in another table, right click on the line and select join properties and then chose the option in the bottom section that you want (ie all from 1 and only matching in 2 or the other way round or just the ones that match in each)

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