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    Angry Unanswered: Access 2000 bug?!


    Is it me or Access 2000 has a bug?!

    Here's the deal. I have two pop-up forms that are called one after the other. Each form has it's own 'On Load' procedure. Both forms have a button that when clicked pops up a third form (same for both). And here's the weird Access behavior...

    1) Form1 is opened and closed ('On Load' for Form1 ran)

    2) Form2 is opened (Form2's 'On Load' ran)

    3) Button to pop-up a third form is clicked

    4) 'On Load' procedure for FORM1 is executing again even though Form1 is CLOSED!!!

    and vise versa... I don't get it.

    Any idea anybody? it, gimme a beer... Jimi Hendrix RULES!

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    Oh, I forgot to mention that this only happens when the Form2 is opened for the first time. All subsequent opens go without Form1's 'On Load' being run.

    But that first-time-open bug really messes up my code.

    Thanks. it, gimme a beer... Jimi Hendrix RULES!

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