I have been struggling with making the DTS packages portable. I have read many articles on this but I still cant figure out how to make DTS packages work when tranferring from one server to another. Some please help me in figuring this out.

The problem:

I have a few DTS packages, I'm using DT properties and initializing the Data sources, GVs, etc from a Configuration table using Queries in the DT properties. But the problem is when you select the Queries option in the DT properties it asks for a Connection source.

Now the once the DTS package is moved to a different server I want the Connections in the package to point to the new server and not the orginal server. But since the DT properties > Queries > Source Connections point to the data source of the Connection, I dont see how the Data Source of the Connectins can be changed. Really frustrating. If someone has done this before please help.

Also, I have tired the INI file method in the DT propeties, and How do you specify the location of the INI file once the package is relocated, without actaully re-designing the packages.

please help