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    Question Unanswered: MSDE Advice Please

    Hi I am planning a desktop application I want to develop in C# and I was thinking about using MSDE instead of an Access database. I have never used of even looked into MSDE before. Do you simply create a database on SQL Server add your tables and Sp's, setup your conection and program against this as normal, then with the install of the software setup MSDE and install the tables and SP's etc into the instance of MSDE?


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    From my experience MSDE has some limitations (db size, number of connections, etc.) but it is real database engine with all features. You can manage it by ISQL or OSQL (if you have installed somewhere in NET enterprise manager - you can use it for MSDE).

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    The database size is limited to 2GB. Once the DB gets to this size MSDE will not allow the program to use it. You can still go into the DB with Enterprise Manager or Query Analyzer or shareware tools. But nothing will run.

    As for connections I beleive the limit is 30.

    As for your install.

    Create the database on the SQL server and write your program against it. Then back the database up when you are finished debugging it. Include it with your install packaging (I am not a developer so I won't tell you how).

    When the install process starts have the MSDE install first (See MS Knowledge Base or google "MSDE install"). Then restore the database to the MSDE ( I suggest osql). Then create your ODBC connection. And finish with your program.

    Have fun !

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    Thumbs up Thank You

    Thanks for all your comments and advise

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