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    Access 2000 vs. Access 2002 using SQL2000

    Dear friends,

    i'm trying to convert one of our Access 2000 projects (ADP) into an Access 2002 project so that i can compile it into an ADE. However, i've noticed that SP's that the user is not granted sufficient rights (for example EXECUTE rights on the SQL2000 server) are not showing up in the Access 2002 "Queries" pane. They all show up in the Access 2000 "Stored Procedures" pane regardless of the rights granted to the user. Is there an explanation / solution for this so that i do not have to go around changing SQL server rights?

    Thank you for your time and any comments you may have.
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    I take it there is a reason why loading it in Access 2002 and saveing as 2002 format is not an option?
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