Is there a way to enable users to select a specific level in a dimension when the dimension is either a column or row field?

Let me explain in more detail:

eg. Time dimension has a typical time hierarchy -
Year, Half Year, Quarter, Month.
This dimension was set up in Analysis Manager as a regular dimension and all levels are set to 'regular' type.

I have set up OWC on our web browser for clients to view the cube over the intranet.

I want them to be able to view data by specific levels when they drag the dimension as a column field (or row) - and not have the pivot table bring in the other levels along with the dimension. So if User X wants to see data at the Month level then:

Month Turnover Costs
Jan $1234 $987
Feb $2345 $98
March $204 $77

And not what Pivot Table is currently doing: