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    Unanswered: jobs in SQL Server run slowly or down

    when SQL server ( i used v7.0) is run along time ( about 5 months )
    some of job is can't run smooth , more slowly .... and down ...
    is three any err in SQL server 7.0 or maybe is down ?
    how can i fix it ....
    should i reinstall SQL server ?... and i had.... but it still bad

    so help me please !!! (in my jobs call some stored procedures )
    it's really a big problem with me ....

    help me ask soon as u r

    Thanks alot ...

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    Run the profiler and see what all procs/ext procs etc the job calls...
    Time it just to start before the automatic invocation of the job.
    Hope that helped...
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    everything ok....

    everything ok.... !!! (call procedure correct )
    in normal it's take <10 seconds to do this .....
    but when it's down take along time , i can't waiting ....
    (status of job is still running ..... , it's difficult to understand
    a simple Query ex : " delete from table " is running along time expect on the table is used in job althoungh the table is contain about 100 recods ...)

    thank alot

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