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    Unhappy Unanswered: help with doing drill downs in asp

    I am Hi. I am creating a asp script that pulls records of an oracle database and displaying it as a table on an asp page. however what I want to do is display the records as links. for example.

    record 1

    (if record one is clicked)

    record 1
    information of another record from database 1
    information another record from database 2

    (and if record 1 is clicked again)

    record 1

    i really jus started learning asp and if anyone knows how to do that without any issues with client and server sides. i be very grateful. thank you
    code included. (io txt form jus change extension to asp if needed)
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    Lightbulb Re: help with doing drill downs in asp


    Look.. the best way to make this it's to use the IDs from the records so when you link between pages can retrieve the record's information.
    It's not an easy aproach, less for a beginner but I recomend to read books or documentation of ASP.

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    Re: help with doing drill downs in asp

    Looking at your code it looks like TableName+ColumnName would be your unique ID so when you render your link (probably the column_name column) you would want the link to call some javascript that saves the item they clicked on to a hidden field (stuff TABLE_NAME+"~"+COLUMN_NAME into a hidden field) then refresh the page.

    When your page refreshes, check to see if the hidden field has a value. If so, make a function call to retrieve the detail data associated with that record and render it after the parent item (the record they clicked on) is rendered.

    If the click the link a second time, clear out the hidden field if it's value matches the item that was clicked on and refresh.

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